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BookMyLens is a Photography equipment rental service, which provides an easy and quick service for photography enthusiasts to experience all lenses and accessories from Canon and Nikon who are the leading vendors and also many more well known brands.We understand that in this fast moving world there is no point investing in a lens before you experience the lens hands-on. Our aim is to provide you the best in class lenses and accessories at affordable rentals.Besides providing the gear on rental, BookMyLens can also be your trusted advisor. BookMyLens offers very competitive prices along with Free Home Delivery across select areas in Bangalore [Call us to know more details]. We provide various rental options which can match your needs -be it for a day or one full month. Through our home delivery model, we send the lenses to your door step by our authorized BookMyLens executive. For the time being we request your co-operation in returning the equipment yourself at our office.We have started introducing equipments required for filmmaking like video sliders, fluid heads for tripods, Pro level Glidecams, lenses from Carl Zeiss, RIGS, Lighting equipments, Speciality cameras etc.,

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